Saying “Thank You” in Extravagant Ways

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Today we’ve been inspired to take a look at a Home for Hope builder who loves to say “thank you” in extravagant ways.


Rosewood Communities is a family-run home building company based in South Carolina that absolutely loves culture and tradition; and building Homes for Hope has been a part of that tradition since 2011.


To-date, Rosewood has built 3 Homes for Hope and just recently kicked-off their fourth home in a truly unique way – by taking their trade partners to play golf and picking up the tab. 





I recently had a phone call with Rosewood’s owner, Mark Nyblom to get the scoop on the event:


“The invitational is something we do every year as a way of showing appreciation to all of our trade partners. This year, we coupled it with a trade partner meeting/groundbreaking to kick-off the start of our next home.”




This was the first year that Homes for Hope was a part of the Rosewood Invitational, and Mark loved the added dynamic.


“I particularly enjoyed bringing H4H to the invitational this year – it made the event more than just about having fun, but to make it last and have an impact. Jack presented an executive report to our trades that illustrated the global impact of our Homes for Hope, and they loved it. He also lead a group activity that illustrated the power of microfinance, and it really clicked with them – they get it.”


CLICK HERE to view Rosewood Community’s 2015 Executive Summary


During our conversation, it was clear that Rosewood’s team is passionate about building community & culture with their trade partners. I asked Mark what motivated him to choose golf and cover the bill for everyone:


“That’s who we are! You know, golf is something that our trade partners don’t get to do that often. These guys are working really hard all year, but nobody ever just takes them out.”


Homes for Hope is grateful to Mark & his team at Rosewood Communities for inspiring us with their commitment to fighting poverty globally, as well as their ideas and innovation for loving people well.


If you would like to learn more about the event or host something similar, contact Jack Nulty at 214.548.0237 or jnulty@homes4hope.org










Introducing The 2016 Homes for Hope Award Winner

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Each year, Homes for Hope recognizes a client from the HOPE Network who has put their God-given talents and ideas to work in a powerful way – empowering them to realize their potential as providers for their families, leaders in their communities, and followers of Christ.


We are excited to share with you today the story of this year’s winner, Eduviges Cruz, a client of Esperanza International, HOPE’s partner in the Dominican Republic.


Eduviges is a happily married mother of three in Villa Ortega, a small town just outside of Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic.




When she noticed there were few convenience stores in her community, she decided to take action, taking out a series of small loans through Esperanza to go into business for herself. She now owns and operates a small store that provides her neighbors with access to healthy foods such as chicken, herbs, rice, fruits, and vegetables, among other staples of a Dominican’s diet.




As her business grew, Eduviges has been empowered to provide for her family’s needs. She is now a proud homeowner – and recently built a sturdy home to raise her family in, with cement floors and metal roofing.




Most importantly, by attending group meetings with Esperanza, Eduviges was able to hear the Word of God for the first time in her life and has come to know Christ as her Lord and Savior. Since coming to faith in Christ she has led her husband to the Lord as well, and today she is known by her friends as a powerful witness and voice of encouragement to all around her.


She was once quoted saying, “Sometimes you worry, and life is pretty difficult. In those situations when you think you’re not going to be able to [make it]—you have to keep praying, crying out, so that God gives you strength, so that you can keep moving forward.”






Breaking Ground With The Tree Of Life

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Homes for Hope is pleased to announce that long-time partner and supporter, Grand Homes, recently broke ground on their sixth Home for Hope in Wylie Texas this past week. Even with the rain, spirits were high and the crowd was dynamic as Grand’s employees and partners gathered to celebrate their joint commitment to build locally to fight poverty globally.
Over time, Grand has begun to make the Home for Hope process their own, and their Home for Hope groundbreakings always include something unique – planting a tree of life.
The tree itself is planted as a sapling, and once the celebration ends, the home is sold, and years go by, the tree will grow into a large, towering oak tree – providing shade, life, and vibrancy for the family that lives there. Throughout the years, it will stand as a tribute to the commitment made here by Grand Homes and their partners.
What a fitting picture for a Home for Hope. The proceeds from this home will go to provide discipleship, savings, training, and small loans for thousands of entrepreneurs in 17 developing countries around the world. With access to Chris-centered Microenterprise Development, it is our hope that each one of these families this home touches will be able to grow their business over time – just like that tree – and ultimately realize their potential as providers for their families, givers in their communities, and followers of Christ.
Grand Homes recently made a shout out about their Groundbreaking on 94.9 KLTY Radio in Dallas, click here to listen and see more photos from their Groundbreaking!






Vicenta’s Story: Celebrating The Fruit of Your Labor

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Last November, I took a group of Home builders to the Dominican Republic, where we met Vicente. She lives in the small village of Samana in the Dominican Republic called Terra Blanca which translates to “white land” – named after the white color of the dirt caused by the amount of charcoal ash in the area. To provide for her family she runs a small stand selling fruits and vegetables.


Vicenta With Son CropShe is one of the first people in Terra Blanca to receive a loan 13 years ago when our partner Esperanza International felt God’s leading to help the people in this area. Vicenta was extremely impoverished, living on less than a few dollars per day and struggling to provide for her 3 children. She received a loan of 5,000 RD, equivalent to $100 USD, which she then used to purchase inventory for her business. Since her 1st loan she has grown her business to what you see here.


Her son Jairo was very small at the time and attended the biweekly solidarity bank meetings. Through his interaction with the loan officers and those in his mother’s solidarity group, he came to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. It wasn’t until recently that his mother accepted Jesus, she says that she owes her faith to the transformation that she saw in her son. Watch this video as we worship alongside Jairo and his mother during out last trip to the Dominican Republic last November.



There is room left on our November Builder trip to the Dominican Republic from November 3rd to November 5th. If you or a builder you know may be interested, contact Carson Bennett at cbennett@homes4hope.org or call 205.617.6094, and we will send you more information on how to register.






Grand Homes About To Kick Off Their 6th Home for Hope


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Homes for Hope is excited to announce that Grand Homes will be kicking off their 6th Home for Hope project this Thursday, February 25th, where they will be hosting their trade partners and suppliers for a breakfast meeting and inviting them to take part in building locally to fight poverty globally.

Grand Homes has been a long-standing partner of Homes for Hope since 2012, building 5 Homes for Hope, helping an estimated 40,000 families around the world receive access to discipleship, training, savings, and small loan services through HOPE International.

Please join us in praying for Grand and their upcoming event –

  1. Pray that all in attendance will feel the love of Christ through the sharing of the mission and vision of Homes for Hope.
  2. Pray that the event goes well, logistics run smooth, and that their speakers will have no nerves and share from the heart!
  3. Pray that partners would feel welcome, capable, and excited to participate – that  they would feel like they have an opportunity to make an impact.






Strategy Killer!

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“… the most important piece of information I came away with is what you shared with me about culture”


Question: When a potential home buyer walks through one of your homes are they sold on why they should purchase from you through whomever happens to be working in the home at the time? If not, then culture is probably the culprit!


Culture: noun | the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. Merriam-Webster


If vision is where you want your company to go, strategy is how your company will get there, and culture is how they will feel about it! So how do we put replace fizzle with sizzle in your organizations culture? One of my favorite people Dr. John Tolson in his book The Four Priorities give four great steps that I have found to be solid for creating an awesome culture!


1) Commitment – when Dr. Tolson talks about commitment he isn’t referring to a vision or a strategy, he is referring to people. The first step to creating a strong culture is making a commitment to your people.

Commitment is something that you make up your mind to do. It is like a home’s foundation in the since that it is covered by landscaping on the outside and by flooring on the inside. People don’t see commitment just like they don’t see the foundation. But if you have a lousy commitment then you probably have a lousy foundation and you will need to hire more customer service reps. Big money!


2) Communication – one of the most prevalent failures in communication is listening.

In the home building business we need products and services so that we have a product to sell. Often we shop those products based on price, lead time, and features but we fail to open the lines of communication. Communication requires two very important things: talking and listening. When conducting business with: our supply chain, employees, or customers we need to actively listen so that they have the best possible opportunity to succeed in their part of the process. Often we purchase expensive systems that don’t work because we input them with bad info. Remember the 3L’s phrase: ‘listening lessens lead times’ and we all know what that mean… time is money.


3) Care – caring is not costly but not caring will empty your bank account!

Caring is a lot like second level sub floor. Once the sheet rock and flooring surfaces are applied no one can see the sub floor but it doesn’t take long when walking on it to realize if its strong or not!


4) Courting – courting is caring out loud. Do people feel secure communicating with you?

The odds are highly unlikely if you haven’t effectively shown them that you heard them beyond the legal level of “If I do this then you’ll do that”. Communicating at the legal level is fine if the status quo is what you’re after. However, if you are wanting you company to grow beyond your abilities then you must learn to communicate at the listening level. The best way to do this is to start listening for personal ques. For example, when you notice that someone is a sports fan then ask them about their favorite team. Don’t go out and buy them box seats! Do make it a point to watch the box scores and congratulate them when their team does well.


Don’t let a bad or weak culture be the culprit:


I promise that if you will start small you will win big by enlisting these four steps to building a great culture of people who will actively be a part of your strategy that will empower your vision.


Jack Nulty






Homes for Hope Impacts Employees As Well As Underserved Families

Homes for Hope Keystone Experiencing Hope

One of the most enriching and fulfilling things about building Homes for Hope is the impact it makes in the hearts and lives of your workers, partners, and employees.


Long-time supporter and partner of Homes for Hope and HOPE International, Keystone Custom Homes recently took a group of their employees to the Dominican Republic (DR) to see and experience the work of Esperanza International (HOPE International’s partner in the DR).


In this video, employees from Keystone share – in their own words – what it was like and how it has impacted them.


>>>Click here to watch the video.<<<



Keystone Employee Quotes about Building Homes for Hope.


“It shows me that it’s not just my local community, but it’s a global community that I’m selling homes for.”

Bill Weeber, New Home Advisor


“Up until this weekend, building dreams at Keystone Custom Homes meant to me, building houses and improving people’s lives in the United States. We met with clients who had dreams of starting a business, they had their own ideas, they had their own passion, and we just empowered them to take those ideas and build them to life, and building dreams has a whole new meaning for me.”

Mike Klaips, Sales Manager


“It’s such a personal way to make an impact yourself more than just writing a check and sending it off to some nameless faceless charity – Through your own work, helping people find dignity in their work.”

Barbara Dibrito, Online Advisor

>>>Click here to watch the video.<<<







New Article On Porchlight Homes & The First Home for Hope Built in Canada



At Homes for Hope, we are always excited to see our builder partners getting recognized for building locally to fight poverty globally. We are especially excited to see our partner, Porchligh Homes, recognized for their H4H in Amber Trails – the first Home for Hope in Canada.


Click here to read the entire article written by Ligia Braidotti of the Winnipeg Free Press.






Homes for Hope – IBS 2016 In Review



Our second day at IBS, like-minded guys from 6 different states sat down and all had dinner with us at Bahama Breeze. The topics they were most interested in were culture, connecting with other like-minded builders, and sales & marketing strategies. Be sure to wear those shirts guys!





The next generation of pioneering home builders were brought together at the IBSLIVE under 40 panel discussion & mixer. Among the panelists were two friends of Homes for Hope, Brad McCall of McCall Homes and Monica Wheaton of Builder Partnerships. We were so blessed when they both shared their personal testimonies with Homes for Hope! We are incredibly thankful to them for their service, partnership, and for speaking out about building locally to fight poverty globally.





Jack Nulty was invited to speak as one of the facilitators at the IBS Session “Groupthink: Labor Shortage Solutions,” where he shared about culture and community building with trades. One attendant, Scott Miller of The Home Innovators, reached out to Jack later, saying, “I came to this show with the intention of learning all I could and I think the most important piece of information I came away with is what you shared with me about culture. The conversation about business numbers and rewards was good but because of you I now understand the phrase “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and I want you to know that you made a difference. I thank you and my team thanks you!”



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Last but not least, we are so pleased to announce that Bonvie Homes has committed to build the first Home for Hope in MA! We are so blessed to welcome them into our group of builders who build locally to fight poverty globally.






Attending IBS? Come To The Builder Partnerships Networking Reception!


No Dinner Plans Tonight? Come To The Builder Partnerships Networking Reception!

Tonight and Tonight ONLY, Builder Partnerships is opening up their annual pre-IBS reception – normally a members-only event – to any and all friends of Homes for Hope, and we’d love to have you as our guests!

Builder Partnerships Networking Reception

We Hope To See You There!






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